The Supreme Court of Alabama suspended on Friday an administrative order by 15th Circuit Court Judge Johnny Hardwick that would've eliminated bond for certain felonies and misdemeanors.

Hardwick's order would've applied to Montgomery County cases and gone into effect on Saturday, absent the intervention by the Supreme Court. The stay of the order is in effect until further notice, according to the Supreme Court of Alabama's order.

"The Chief Justice and the members of the State Supreme Court prove that the rule of law and public safety are still alive and well in Alabama," Barry Matson, executive director of the Alabama District Attorneys Association, told 1819 News on Friday. "Judge Hardwick's order, coupled with the zero accountability of D felonies, would have been tantamount to immunity for serious criminal behavior in Montgomery County. I'm very proud to stand with DA Daryl Bailey, Sheriff Cunningham and the Chief of Police Darryl Albert for standing with local business, victims of crime, and the rule of law."

Hardwick is involved with a criminal justice reform group called Pretrial Alliance Montgomery, an affiliate of a national advocacy organization, Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research.

Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research is supported by Arnold Ventures, a Houston-based LLC advocating for "criminal justice, health and education reforms," according to Alabama Daily News.

According to Hardwick's order, suspects charged with non-violent Class B felonies such as theft of lost property in the first degree, theft of services in the first degree, cargo theft, criminal possession of a forged instrument in the first degree, theft by charitable fraud, and identity theft "shall be released on their own recognizance following booking and without an initial appearance."

The order also stated "persons charged with a non-violent traffic or misdemeanor offense" may be released without bond.

The order listed a total of 68 violent offenses that don't qualify for release without bond, including murder, rape, assault and child abuse.

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