The Truth Gazette editor-in-chief Brilyn Hollyhand, 17, has made his way around the nation, meeting and speaking with Republican leaders for nearly six years. He has done multiple interviews on network TV and has made a name for himself.

Last week, Hollyhand took part in the first Republican primary debate. He interviewed people ahead of the debate and even had an inside look at preps on stage.

As co-chair of the RNC's Youth Advisory Council for the debate, Hollyhand spoke on behalf of the RNC and met with candidates.

"I really enjoyed speaking on a panel to RNC supporters in Milwaukee before the first primary debate about the great strides the party is making to give my generation a seat at the table with the inaugural RNC Youth Advisory Council," said Hollyhand. "We discussed the progress of the council so far and made announcements about future plans we have going into the election next fall. We were happy to take questions from the audience after our panel discussion on the issues party supporters are worried about and share what our council is doing to address their concerns!"

Hollyhand said the experience was a full-circle moment for him because he became interested in politics after watching the 2016 debates at the age of 10.

"Now, seven years later, I'm playing a part in the primary debates in my role as co-chair of the RNC's inaugural Youth Advisory Council," he said. "It was such a cool experience.

Hollyhand said he plans to attend more debates in the future.

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