Over 100 years ago, women in America fought for their right to vote, thus creating the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and sparking the modern feminist movement. While many may agree feminism began with good intentions to uplift women in society, critics now believe it has morphed into little more than a political cudgel that hurts more than it helps.

The “Ladies of Liberty,” Amie Beth Shaver and Allison Sinclair from “Alabam Unfiltered,” joined 1819 News CEO Bryan Dawson on a recent episode of “1819 News: The Podcast” to discuss how feminism is leading women astray.

“I think we’re realizing this whole thing has been a lie,” Sinclair said. “The whole feminist movement is a lie pretty much from the pit of hell. Doesn’t mean we can’t do great things. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a radio show. Doesn’t mean we can’t speak our minds and have opinions. But are women better off today than they were before the feminist movement? I don’t think so, mental health-wise, families are falling apart. And it’s not just the women. Men have abdicated their roles as well.”

The three then discussed the recent political ad by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), which depicts, in melodramatic fashion, two women racing for the Alabama line to get an abortion in another state when they are stopped by an Alabama State Trooper who forces them to take a pregnancy test.

Not only does the ad contain false ideas and paint Alabamians as “stupid” and “gullible,” Shaver said it perpetuates the feminist idea that abortions are vital since having a baby could ruin the mother’s life.

“The whole offensive idea that you have to kill your child so that you can have a life — that is the legacy of feminism. That’s a pathetic legacy,” Shaver said.

She added that even some Christians have been affected by this idea, looking down on or criticizing large families with multiple kids.

Sinclair made a football analogy to illustrate the differences between men and women and how each has a role to play to help each other be successful.

“God made men and women different," she argued. "For a while, I thought, like, as women, we could do it all. We could be just like men. We could go to war and fight the battles, and we could also have babies, and we could also have a career, and we could also do all the things. I think God does at times call women to stand up and do, I mean in the Bible he does. Usually, it’s when the men won’t step up and do the things they’re called to do.”

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