A group from Alabama is among the thousands in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday for the March for Israel.

Heather Johnston and others from the United States Israel Education Association (USIEA) are there to condemn antisemitism, demand freedom for the hostages, and demonstrate that America stands with Israel.

“I think this rally will tell us a lot,” said Johnston. “We are experiencing an undue amount of antisemitic rallies, really. It’s not even that it’s just pro-Palestinian, it’s antisemitic, standing against Israel and it makes no sense. It’s very misguided when Israel is trying to broker peace in the Middle East, trying to be the leader that’s responsible in the Middle East. They’re the ones trying to take on the dreadful and barbaric and evil Hamas … So, this rally is very important to show that there are those in the United States that really do understand the narrative.”

Johnston, the founder and CEO of the USIEA, said she will take part in seven meetings throughout the day to talk to lawmakers about U.S.-Israel relations.

After 25 years of working with the people of Israel through another organization called JH Israel, Johnston said she knows several individuals and families impacted by the war. JH Israel works to increase involvement by Israel’s military, government entities and municipalities from across the nation of Israel and helps with leadership training.

Johnston said no one has gone untouched since October 7.

“One of our top trainers was shot in the back twice by Hamas terrorists on that fateful October 7 as he was down there at a party with some of his friends,” Johnston explained. “He lost eight of his friends who had come to the party with him. Our leader at the National Leadership Center, his son was hit by a drone attack about three days ago. He has suffered only minor injuries, fortunately. But this is where Israel is today. They are at war. There is not a single family that is untouched by this.”

Johnston said for those in Israel, October 7 was their September 11 multiplied by 10.

Due to propaganda that has spread throughout the world, there have been many rallies against Israel. Johnston said the people on the ground in Israel are doing all they can to set the record straight.

“They are completely mobilized,” Johnston explained. “Every man, woman, child, grandparent, everybody is engaged in this war. And I think Israel is doing their best to actually bring correspondence in to show how evil is being exposed to the utmost degree, through Hamas. This barbaric group of people whose charter is singularly – there’s no other reason that they exist – except to destroy Israel. So, it’s not a good reason to exist.”

Johnston said she believes the rally in Washington is important and will be historic.

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