For years, Roy Brook has traveled all over Alabama and neighboring states sharing his love for the nation and the United States flag.

He has stood on busy streets, at funerals and high-profile events with his flag, as part of the "American Flag Project." The purpose is to raise awareness and spread patriotism.

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But now, Brook is asking for help after he misplaced his flag while on a trip to Florida. He last saw the flag when he was unloading a boat at South Wind Marina in Pensacola, Fla.

He has taken to social media to try and find the flag.

"I know. That's the last thing anyone would think I would misplace," he posted. "It wasn't stolen, just picked up by someone who found it wherever I left it. I went back to the marina to look for it to no avail. Long shot, but it's out there somewhere in..."

Brook is asking everyone to share the post in hopes that he will be reunited with the flag. It is on a pole with a ribbon that reads "Remove before flight."

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