Less than a week away from the season opener against Middle Tennessee State, and Alabama has still yet to name a starting quarterback. Nick Saban has fielded question after question regarding the quarterback battle, providing little to no information on which player will be lined up behind center for the opening game.

Monday during an interview on “The Next Round,” Alabama offensive lineman Tyler Booker was asked if he knew who Alabama’s quarterback would be for the opening game. Booker did his best Saban impersonation, skillfully avoiding the question and providing no indication of who might secure the starting quarterback position.

"We don’t know,” he said. “They don’t know. It’s really not up to us. It’s really up to them to earn the right to play. But as far as the offensive line and the rest of the team goes, our mindset is whoever it’s gonna be, we’re gonna be ready to support them because coach Saban plays the cards really close. We’ll all find out on Saturday. Everybody asks me questions like I know. I promise you I don’t know. We’re all going to find out on Saturday.’”

On Monday there's still no depth chart and no starter has been named, but reading in between the lines it would appear that Milroe could see the first snap on Saturday. Milroe has consistently been playing with the first team in Alabama's private scrimmage sessions. Milroe served as Bryce Young’s backup last year and was the starter when Young was sidelined due to a shoulder injury. Throughout the offseason a starter has yet to set themselves apart, making it Milroe’s job to lose.

During his press conference Monday, Saban delivered some positive comments about Milroe’s improvement this offseason.

“I think he’s more comfortable in the pocket,” Saban said of Milroe. “I think that he has more confidence in the way he executes and the way he plays. He’s been more consistent in the way he’s played, and I think that’s gonna be the key of the drill for him to be able to maintain that consistency in every practice so that he is developing the kind of habits that are gonna carry over in the game and help him be successful.”

Booker and his offensive line teammates have been vocal during the offseason about wanting to return to the old Alabama ways of dominating the line of scrimmage by running the football with purpose. Many Crimson Tide fans are also looking for the run game to be more involved in the offense.

Regardless of who steps onto the field for the first snap on Saturday, it is not guaranteed that they will remain the starter for the rest of the season. Saban has stressed that the competition doesn't end with the first game at any position, including quarterback.

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