Work to repave and widen Foley Beach Express is expected to begin in spring 2024 after two years of planning.

The City of Foley approved an agreement, and now officials are waiting for the Alabama Department of Transportation's (ALDOT) approval.

"We were ready to go to bid in 2022, a year ago, but they put a hold on it," said Foley Mayor Ralph Hellmich. "We've had the money in our budget for the past two years. Then we thought we would do it this fall. Now they're saying that to go through the final stages of their approval process it will probably be February."

Hellmich said safety lanes will be added along with repaving from Highway 59 to Baldwin County Road 12.

He hoped the work would be done before the busy tourist season, but at this point, he does not think that's possible. Hellmich believes repaving won't start until May and will take three months to complete.

Another option would be to delay the project, but Hellmich said he has already been burned by the state with similar projects, including a sidewalk project.

"Our choice would be to just wait until next fall, but if we do that, the price will probably go up again," Hellmich said. "During this delay, the price of repaving we know has gone up."

ALDOT has not responded to a media inquiry regarding the delays.

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