The Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee met on Saturday for its annual Winter Meeting. The State Executive Committee approved a trio of resolutions pertaining to education during the meeting at the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel.

"Education has always been a priority for the Republican Party. We must protect our children and ensure they are receiving the tools they need to succeed," said ALGOP Chairman John Wahl. "Our voters feel very strongly that parents know what is best for their children. They do not want big government or educational bureaucrats telling them how to raise their families. These resolutions support the core values of freedom and choice for all Alabama families.”

Dr. Alveda King was the featured speaker at Friday’s Winter Dinner fundraiser. She is the niece of Martin Luther King Jr.

King said that she joined the Republican Party over two issues: school choice and stopping abortion.

King urged the Republican Party and the nation to unify.

Congressman Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) told the group that it is vitally important that the Republican Party take back control of the House and Senate.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) addressed the group by video message and thanked all of the members of the Alabama Strike Force for volunteering to come to Virginia and work on the ground for his election.

Alabama Strike Force organizer Joan Reynolds was honored for her work.

The Alabama Republican Party honored Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) with the Statesman Award for his court battles against executive overreach by the Biden Administration.

State Rep. Shane Stringer (R-Satsuma) was honored for his principled stand for constitutional carry. Stringer was fired by Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran (R) because he sponsored legislation allowing Alabama citizens to carry their handguns without paying for a permission slip from their local sheriff.

During the Saturday Winter Meeting, the executive committee honored longtime Alabama Republican Party activist Elbert Peters with the Pioneer Award for his six decades of service to the party. Peters has held a number of positions with the Alabama Republican Party.

Peters said that he was one of many volunteers who built the party. He said he was just lucky to be blessed with such a long life.

The Alabama Republican Executive Committee is made up of 435 elected members, chosen by both Republican primary voters, and all 67 county Republican Party executive committees. The state executive committee sets the party’s rules and bylaws and generally oversees the operation of the Alabama Republican Party.

“I couldn’t imagine anywhere more important to be than with those who are the heart and backbone of the Alabama GOP,’ said gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard. “This wasn’t just an opportunity to meet and see the party’s senior leaders but also talk with the young people who are working at the meetings. I was glad to be able to listen to the attendees, ask questions, and answer the questions asked of me.”

Blanchard sponsored the Saturday morning breakfast.

GOP gubernatorial candidates Tim James, and Dean Young also addressed the Republicans during their Saturday luncheon, as did GOP U.S. Senatorial candidates Katie Britt, Mo Brooks, and Mike Durant.

Gubernatorial candidates Gov. Kay Ivey, Dean Odle, and Lew Burdette also made appearances at the event as did numerous candidates on the ballot.

The passed resolutions from the executive committee included:

•       A resolution encouraging the Alabama Legislature to pass the American Education Freedom Bill. The bill would end the use of a controversial school counseling curriculum (the ASCA National Model), which attempts to indoctrinate children on various social issues without parental consent.

•       A resolution supporting school choice in general, and especially the original version of the "Parent's Choice Act" (SB140). This bill would allow all parents and students the opportunity to choose their own public school, charter school, private school, magnet school, online learning option, private tutoring, or homeschooling. School choice would give all Alabama children greater educational opportunity, rather than limiting them to a failing school they are geographically forced to attend. Your zip code and income level should not dictate the quality of education you have access to.

•       A resolution encouraging Governor Kay Ivey to issue an Executive Order banning mask mandates in Alabama schools.

The ALGOP Executive Committee meets biannually to conduct business. The next meeting will be held on August 12th and 13th at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center.

The Republican primary will be May 24.

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