Following a U.S. Supreme Court 5-4 decision by Chief Justice John Roberts last week, a lower court's ruling was upheld that Alabama will have to redraw a second largely or majority-black congressional district.

The Republican-led supermajority Alabama Legislature is widely expected to meet next month to fulfill the federal court mandate.

However, it could work against those hoping for a second Democrat congressional district in Alabama because the Democrat vote currently concentrated in the seventh congressional district will potentially be split between two congressional districts.

During an interview with Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal," Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl insisted Republicans would work to not only be competitive but sweep all seven districts.

"Actually, I think this is something that could be very positive for the Republican Party," he said. "Because when we look at engaging the public, we want to represent all of the people of Alabama. When we think about what's important, it is being safe, it is being productive, it's having a bright future for their children. And I believe the values of the Republican Party best represent them for the people. We love to talk about that. We love to argue that in the court of public opinion, if you will, during election cycles."

"I'll give you a good example of that," Wahl continued. "We did some polling recently, and asked the question what issues are most important to you. In that list, one of the things we asked is protecting children from woke policies. Amongst Republicans, that was number one. Amongst independents, that was number one. But even amongst Democratic voters in the state of Alabama, that was the third-most important issue."

"So, there are definitely issues out there, and there are values out there that the people of Alabama, whether Republican or Democrat, are going to agree with the Republican Party," he added. "We're going to talk about those. We're going to defend our values. We're going to talk about people's rights and freedoms. And we plan to be competitive, and we're going to do our best to win all seven congressional districts."

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