The America First Policy Institute’s America First Agenda Town Halls & Bus Tour pulled into Alabama this week.

The purpose of the nationwide tour, which started in July, is to “show the American people how the America First Agenda will help them and their families prosper and achieve their dreams,” according to the America First Policy Institute’s website.

The bus stopped Monday at Salon 2000 in Trussville. Former administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon spoke to the public about what the America First Agenda is.

Nancy McKee said McMahon explained the policies McMahon supports.

“They’re trying to fight for the common person on the street; the person that gets up and goes to work every day,” said McKee. “She spoke about the areas of education and government and the border.”

Leo Russo said he was impressed that the group had a plan.

“It’s not just an idea but they have a plan,” Russo emphasized. “They have laid it out for state senators, representatives, the governor, all the way up to the White House. They have a plan to take care of things and we’ve got to get our country back.”

Another person that attended the event said she thinks everyone needs to listen to the message.

“It’s good to know that there’s a group of intelligent, savvy men and women who have been in politics for a long time,” said Cindy Johnson. “If you haven’t been in politics for a long time I don’t think you can make any changes. So, they’re actually advocating for our ideals, our morals, our values, and it’s nice to know that there’s a group that that’s what they’re doing.”

The bus also made a stop in Hoover. The America First Agenda Town Halls & Bus Tour will continue through November. To find out where it is stopping next, text TOWNHALL TO 70107.

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