I want to laugh. But someone wrote this with a straight face:

“Many of us can't imagine popping a cricket into our mouths as a snack. However, studies show that eating insects could benefit you and the planet. 

Insects are a great source of protein and minerals, such as iron, zinc and magnesium. They include a protein called chitin that encourages healthy bacteria to grow in your stomach. 

Also, 100 grams of insects (crickets, beetles, red ants and grasshoppers) contains almost the same amount of protein as meat, but with less fat and fewer calories.” 

To whet your appetite for this diet, the article also included the following picture:

Bugs Alabama News

Do you think that’s weird?

If not, maybe you’ll think it’s weird that a bug growing and processing plant is being built in Decatur, Ill.:

“The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Congratulates Paris-based French InnovaFeed for its groundbreaking earlier this January for their U.S. production facility in Decatur, IL…. The company plans to feed by 2050 over 10 b people through their environmentally friendly produce based on insect protein and plants.”

Aren’t bugs terrible for you? Alex Newman, "The New American” senior editor who was featured recently in a preview for “The Epoch Times’” documentary, “No Farmers, No Food,” found the following:

Bug Studies Alabama News

So who are THEY to decide what we should eat?

THEY, of course, are the goons at the World Economic Forum – led by Dr. Evil, Klaus Schwab, and his cohorts at the European Union – the United Nations, and the sycophantic and dangerous climate cult progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bill Gates – all gods in this religious climate cult. A cult they demand we worship, even if we see that Agenda 2030, with its 17 sustainable development goals, is completely unrealistic and unreasonable.

They do not care.

Eat Ze Bugs Alabama News

Did you know that many of them met this week in New York at the UN to discuss a plan to save humanity? How good and benevolent of them to stoop down and save us.

But there’s an enormous problem: Those experts and their predecessors constructed their climate theology on massively flawed theories, theories whose seeds were sown during the French Revolution when Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas of a noble savage and taking care of the planet were introduced.

Who doesn't want to be a good steward of the planet? Who doesn’t want to take care of where we live?

But the ideas birthed in the French Revolution didn't stop there. Along the way, horrific thoughts from Thomas Malthus – who believed the earth would fill up too quickly and the population would outstrip the planet's ability to provide food and had to be managed, perhaps with population control – were picked up and added to the equation.

Enter Karl Marx and then Charles Darwin for a disastrous, miserable, one-two punch.

Add a tragic, but continual, dose of eugenics courtesy of Sir Francis Galton and furthered by Dr. Death herself, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

And then the 1970s came with books such as "The Limits to Growth” and the Kissinger Report, where the first whispers of the newest green agenda, coupled with an odd emphasis on population control, emerged.

Throw in a dash of the absurd with Paul and Anne Erlich, who dropped the population bomb idea – because the earth is fragile and there are too many people, so let’s reduce the population to a cool 800 million! People actually bought that idea! Some still do.

Finally, don’t forget about the latest climate emergency, now urgently called “global boiling.”

These high priests are dead serious about our worship and pursuit of zero carbon emissions and wind farms – except when they freeze – and endless chatter about carbon footprints – except when they fly their 747s to talk about the climate.

But Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore isn’t having any of it. In a recent interview, he said that they’re saying there’s a carbon dioxide climate emergency, and that C02 is doing something terrible for the climate. But no one has proven it.

It is a climate hoax.

In the midst of everything, I have good news courtesy of James Lindsay’s recent podcast description:

“The United Nations Agenda 2030 is a sweeping program to take control of our entire world. It launched in 2015 with an ambitious ’17 Goals to Transform our World” and 169 targets to hit by the year 2030. That was eight years ago, and we can get a sense of how it’s going. Badly. Tyranically. Farcically.”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres agrees, noting ahead of New York’s UN conference that “the goals are in trouble.” 

Even though THEY still salivate at the chance to map out and control every aspect of our lives – including getting us to eat bugs – the winds of change, slight though they may be, are upon us.

And that’s good news indeed.

Amie Beth Shaver is a speaker, writer and media commentator. Her column appears every Wednesday in 1819 News. Shaver served on the Alabama GOP State Executive Committee, was a candidate for State House District 43 and spokeswoman for Allied Women.

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