According to the powers-that-be, illegals can now carry guns in the United States. And shut down hotels like The Row, the fifth largest in New York City. And get on flights — bumping American passengers in the process — to wherever they wish.

And Americans are supposed to be okay with this?!

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The whole immigration scenario feels like the Door to Hell, that continuously burning fire inside a yawning crater in Turkmenistan.

Theories persist about how that crater came to be, including that an oil field collapsed, that Russia was looking for natural gas, or that toxic fumes were spreading, so a fire was started to stop them – but no one can say for sure. The only thing we know is that in 1971, someone lit a fire in the middle of a natural gas field … and it’s still burning.

Just like immigration.

Only this blue-flamed immigration fire is fueled by human lives, which well-coiffed but savage politicians use to swamp our cities and towns to get votes and then secure power indefinitely.

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So, how did we get here?

“Mexican immigration to the US dates back to the end of the Mexican-American War,” a generic Wikipedia search tells us. “Migrant encounters at the Mexico–U.S. border began to surge in late 2020, reaching a record number of 1.73 million migrant encounters in fiscal year 2021, 2.76 million in fiscal 2022, and more than 2.8 million in fiscal 2023.”

Clearly, the border wars are old and both sides of the aisle bear responsibility to the American people for how they’ve handled this raging fire.

But the urgent push to tsunami immigrants into every last corner of the country is new. And terrifying.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps there’s an innocent explanation that these people flooding over the border genuinely seek a better life.

And yet, even if that’s true, as Tucker Carlson recently said, “It doesn't matter if every single one of the 10 million people who came here illegally from around the world is a great person. What matters is we didn't invite them. They broke the law coming here. We need to understand that the purpose of this is to bring chaos out of order."


The current presidential administration is asking us to blithely ignore the illegal invaders and human traffickers crossing our borders, along with the military-aged men, terrorists, and violent criminals doing despicable things to our citizens.

They’re also asking us to unsee immigrant men who follow our kids in the store, on the road, and in college towns around the state.

They’re asking us to ignore MS-13 members arrested in Alabama and the alleged overnight drop-offs on Acton Road in Birmingham.

This administration malignantly demands that we ignore our safety and security, audaciously asking us to pretend that our sovereign and blood-bought state and national boundaries don’t exist.


It doesn’t make sense, especially from people who crave safety for themselves. (Hello, fencing around the national capitol! Hello, security teams!) Unless something else is afoot.

Is this the replacement theory? The theory which argues that the country is flooded with illegals through government-sponsored immigration, thus securing new voters and solidifying politicians' power indefinitely?

Sure, it’s an idea that mainstream media outlets call conspiracy. But do you remember the last time they said something was a conspiracy? That went well. (Hello, Wuhan flu! Hello, complicit media and administration!)

But did y’all see what Tyson Foods just did? Companies like that make the replacement theory hard to deny.

As Steve Cortes tweeted a few days ago:

So, how do we defend our borders?

Start by knowing what the Bible says about the subject. Because that’s the only way order can come from this deliberate and suicidal chaos.

Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker from the Just Thinking podcast broke the immigration issue down in a 2018 episode and reminded me of two things.

First, God is a God of order, not of confusion, and the border crisis has been nothing but the latter. It’s God’s order that protects and preserves – and isn’t that the kind of compassion we want for people willing to enter legally?

Second, there are six types of boundaries mentioned in the Bible – and they exist for our good:

  1. Ethical - Colossians 3:9

  2. Moral - 1 Corinthians 7:1-2

  3. Spiritual - Genesis 2:15-17

  4. Relational - Colossians 3:18-20

  5. Geographic - Genesis 1:9-10

  6. National - Genesis 11:7-8

So then, why do our leaders insist on ignoring laws ALREADY on our books? Why run roughshod over our boundaries? Why use human lives – both immigrants and U.S. citizens – as fuel?

It’s maniacal.

Instead, let’s be part of the generation that brings order from chaos and demands that immigration’s door to hell be slammed shut once and for all.

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