One hundred eighty seconds.

That was all it took for TikTok to take down a short video I did for 1819 News, claiming it contained hateful behavior. 

So what really happened? I told the truth.

That's what we do here at 1819 News. We tell the truth.

I made a reel about a guy who smacked a girl in the face with a volleyball.

And the last time I checked, a guy hitting a girl is bad, right?

Unless the guy thinks he's a girl. Then? It's ok. Obviously. 

The girl suffered severe injuries to her head and neck. 

It happened at Cherokee County High School in North Carolina, during a women's volleyball match. 

The guy was dressed like a girl. He thinks that he is one. So he was allowed to play for the opposing team. 

Nothing could go wrong. 

Except it did.

His spike, slamming the ball into the court on his opponent's side, hit the girl so hard that she went down and still hasn't been cleared to play. 

That was three weeks ago. 

If that were your daughter, what would you do?

TikTok, who took this information down, doesn't care about our girls. And neither do the gender Marxists nor queer theorists who shove their ideology, through drag queen story hour and transgenders on volleyball teams and beyond, in our faces, with their demand that we accept them for who they are. 

So that volleyball match? It's about much more than a boy who thinks he's a girl being allowed to play on a women's team. 

It is about gender Marxism and queer theory. 

It is their goal, as it is any good Marxist's goal, to disrupt what's considered normal, as James Lindsay explains in one of his New Discourses podcasts.

“Gender Marxists and Queer theorists seek to disrupt what's considered normal and overthrow it with what's not," Lindsay said.

Like snakes, they slither and mock, dressed in glitter heels and fake eyelashes, purposely changing words, subverting definitions and watering down meanings so that nothing means what we think anymore. 

And they like it that way because disruption is the point. Confusion is their aim. 

And yet, despite their attempts to evangelize the world with their sexual fantasies, as Christopher Rufo writes, which, by the way, were “born out of sex dungeons in San Francisco,” there is still the truth. 

And she still shows up in all her glory and demands that we deal with her.

What is the truth? 

It’s that our DNA is male or female.

It's one or the other. 

Girls aren't boys.

And boys aren't girls.

So, constructing a culture based on the lies proffered by the gender Marxists and queer theorists, that boys can be girls, and vice versa, is wrong. It's harmful. 

So when boys play girls' sports, even if their God-given parts are cut off, girls get hurt.

And that's the truth.

So, what would you do if that were your daughter on that team? 

Our youngest plays volleyball. She's 6'2" and able to handle herself. But she is no match for a young man. 

Nor was she created to be. 

That's the truth. 

And it's also the truth that because we reject their values and cling to our Judeo-Christian ethic, suddenly we're the haters and fascists; we're old-fashioned and foolish. Who are we to be outraged at their worldview?

After all, the gender Marxists and queer theorists think, so what if Amaze and Amaze junior, sex-ed videos for kids, basically cartoon porn, are on schools' recommended resource lists?

And so what if your school or church hosted drag queen story hour? It shows our empathy! It makes us allies! So what?

So what if they force our daughters to play against a dude? 

Or listen to a drag queen to promote empathy?

Or watch a perverted video when our kids learn sex ed?

Or make it seem normal that kids should get puberty blockers and body mutilation surgery?

So what? 

Here’s what: gender Marxists and queer theorists exist to disrupt, dismantle and destroy. 

And then? To build back with their frightening agenda.

As with any Marxist, that is their purpose. 

And, silly us. There we were, arguing about whether or not we should even be involved in our communities or politics. And they were out there, filling that void.

But there is good news. Many parents are wide awake. 

Because our kids, our girls, like the young woman on the volleyball court, need us to block the spikes that are meant to demoralize and kill. 

This means that gender Marxists and queer theorists do not get to command this discussion. They do not get to maintain control of what's taught to our kids. 

Not anymore. 

We must take it back. We don’t have a choice. 

Which means showing up at school board meetings and raising your voice. 

It means exposing and then eliminating vile sex ed videos. It means standing with organizations doing front-line work for our kids and families. 

It means destroying school curriculum that seeks to indoctrinate. 

It means thwarting drag queen story hour and any attempt to put our kids in harm's way. 

This is up to us. 

We will not hand our culture over to queer theorists and gender Marxists. 

We will not go quietly into that good night. No. 

These are our children.

This is our culture. 

It's time to wake the other lions.

Amie Beth Shaver is a speaker, writer and media commentator. Her column appears every Wednesday in 1819 News. Shaver served on the Alabama GOP State Executive Committee, was a candidate for State House District 43 and spokeswoman for Allied Women.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to

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