On Wednesday, Club for Growth Foundation released its annual legislative economic scorecard, which tallied up the 2021 legislative year based on criteria for "economic growth issues."

According to a release accompanying the scorecard that was given first to 1819 News, Club for Growth Foundation based their scoring on each lawmaker’s record on votes related to "pro-growth policies and computed an Economic Growth Score on a scale of 0 to 100."

"A score of 100 indicates the highest support for pro-growth policies. The Foundation’s study examined over 2,500 floor votes and, in the end, included 21 Alabama House votes and 20 Alabama Senate votes."

Key takeaway:

Alabama Senate

  • Average Republican Score: 27% (Up from 21% in 2020)

  • Average Democrat Score: 11% (Up from 6% in 2020)

  • Highest-Rated Republican: Senator David Sessions (SD-35)- 35%

  • Highest-Rated Democrat: Senator William Beasley (SD-28)- 30%

  • Lowest-Rated Republican: Senator Larry Stutts (SD-6)-16%

  • Lowest Rated Democrat: Senator Kirk Hatcher (SD-26) – 0%

Alabama House

  • Average Republican Score: 28% (Up from 15% in 2020)

  • Average Democrat Score: 12% (Up from 0% in 2020)

  • Highest-Rated Republican: Rep. Andrew Sorrell (HD-03)- 95%

  • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. Dexter Grimsley (HD-85) – 20%

  • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. Dickie Drake (HD-45) – 14%

  • Lowest Rated Democrat: Several members had a score of 6%

Scorecard as follows:

“Through the release of this scorecard series, the Club for Growth Foundation is looking at how state legislatures perform in terms of pro-growth policies,” Club for Growth Foundation president David McIntosh said in a release. “We believe that this scorecard will help inform citizens and entrepreneurs about who supports the policies that promote economic prosperity.”

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