By Brandon Moseley

On Monday, Anson Knowles addressed the Madison County Republican Party Executive Committee about his campaign for Alabama House District 10. Anson is the Chairman of the Madison County Young Republicans and an accountant. The candidate said he understands that our nation was conceived in liberty and that the middle of the road is the path to socialism.  

Knowles asked for Republican support in House District 10, which he said is no longer a safe Republican district.

“I am running for State House District 10 near Red Stone Arsenal,” Knowles said. “Redistricting changed District 10. It is more purple now. It is winnable by a Democrat now.

“I have built back up the Madison County Young Republicans,” Knowles told the crowd of 90 Republicans. “It was torn apart in 2017 in the split over Roy Moore.”

Knowles called himself a “libertarian Ron Paul Republican” and said, “There are some in my group, who are, quite frankly, Mitt Romney Republicans.”

He called on all Republicans to pull together.

Knowles promoted an Alabama Federation of Young Republicans Winter Gala event in Montgomery Dec. 17-19.

The Knowles’ campaign said in a statement: “Alabama Republicans are fed up with a GOP majority Alabama Legislature that increases taxes, increases government spending, and doesn’t push back against socialists the way Ron DeSantis does in Florida. Elect Anson Knowles on May 24, 2022, if you want a champion for liberty in the Alabama State House.”

Knowles is a 38-year-old accountant, father of three, proud husband, and fifth-generation resident of the Tennessee Valley.  Four generations of the Knowles family are or have been employed at the Redstone Arsenal. He has a degree in accounting from Athens State University. 

Knowles said, “Remember that Democrats are people too, and you have to love them. My wife is a Democrat.”

Knowles is a voting member of the Madison County Republican Executive Committee, an activist leader in the UnMask Our Kids! and Reopen Alabama movements and Training Coordinator for prior Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership classes in Madison County.

An Anson Knowles for Alabama House District 10 campaign kickoff event will be Nov. 30, at 5:30 p.m. at Black Patch Distilling Co. It is open to the public.

Knowles promised to “put an end to vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and woke socialist nonsense.”

The Republican primary is May 24, 2022.