The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) announced on Monday it is endorsing Casey Wardynski for Congress in the Republican primary runoff for the Fifth District.

Sean Lee is the Chairman of ABC North Alabama.

Lee said in a statement that the primary objective of ABC is to foster and perpetuate the principles of the Merit Shop, Open Competition and Free Enterprise.

"We believe it is incumbent upon all branches of government to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and we believe that government should award contracts only to the lowest responsible bidder, regardless of labor affiliation," the statement said. "We oppose unjust pressure to violate these principles.

“ABC opposes use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), especially government-mandated PLAs (Project Labor Agreements), In the run-off race for US Congress – AL 5, the contrast between the two candidates regarding the issue of the Merit Shop philosophy is stark. Wardynski’s track record of unabashedly taking on a union and bureaucracies during his tenure as Huntsville City Schools Superintendent is strong. Early during his campaign, Wardynski made a strong stance against Project Labor Agreements in the wake of the Biden Administration’s Executive Order mandating the use of PLAs on Federal construction projects."

The Wardynski campaign said in a statement that “Casey is honored to have the endorsement of the Associated Builders and Contractors of North Alabama. Over 90% of Alabama’s construction workforce is not part of a union, and Casey is the only candidate in this race who will fight the Biden administration’s disastrous Project Labor Agreement (PLA) scheme. They also understand that Casey is best suited to get to work on bringing work from Washington to north Alabama and ensuring that Redstone Arsenal continues to thrive. Casey loves our builders, subcontractors, and every individual skilled worker who deserves job security and he will always fight for them against PLAs that force employers to bring in out-of-state contractors!”

Wardynski is a retired U.S. Army Colonel, the former Superintendent of the Huntsville City School System, and a former Assistant Secretary of the Army during the Trump administration.

Wardynski faces Madison County Commissioner Dale Strong in the June 21 Republican primary.

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