In a recent podcast with "Sports Spectrum," Auburn head baseball coach Butch Thompson discussed his faith in Christ and what it means for him in his life.

Thompson, who has led the Tigers to two College World Series appearances in his eight years on the Plains, has been vocal about his faith and even helped promote a recent praise service at Auburn that led to a wave of student baptisms.

While speaking to the faith-based sports podcast, the head coach described Jesus as his "savior" and his "life insurance policy for eternity."

"It's a pretty good belief that I have in my heart that He paid for our sins, and we can see it every day with our nature that we know that - I guess I'm convicted every day as I go through life and I see that I need help as I make mistakes and I'm able to draw back to that each and every day that I believe the Savior did come to save me and take care of all those sins," Thompson stated. "And with that, and with the blessings that I feel like I've been given, and the opportunity I get to reach young people that I absolutely feel like I have a Savior, I have a playbook in the Bible and I have a purpose.”

He later added, "[I] want to make sure that my legacy would speak to like, 'Man, he really cared about the craft and the sport of baseball, and he was pursuing championships, but at the same time, he wanted to make a difference.' If somebody right now grabbed me by the collar and said, 'Give me an identity statement,' I'd say, 'Follow Christ, love my group and attack opportunities to make a difference.' And I've just got one of the neatest jobs in America to be able to do that."

Thompson also emphasized there was a "desire" and "hunger" among young people for Christ and His message.

"Young people now more than ever are searching, and I would like to give a clear, simple message of truth, and I would hope our leaders ... that are absolutely presenting Christ can be simple and true and consistent because I think our young people are absolutely desiring to find truth and hear the gospel of Christ," he concluded.

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