Auburn men's basketball head coach Bruce Pearl accused President Joe Biden on Saturday morning of funding adversaries of Israel to the detriment of Israeli residents. 

Pearl's comments follow an early Saturday morning surprise attack near Israel's Gaza Strip. According to reports, militants with the Palestinian militant group Hamas fired rockets and raided multiple Israeli towns, taking at least 100 lives and wounding hundreds more. The militants also took hostages.

The attack occurred on the Jewish holiday Simchat Torah, which celebrates the conclusion of the annual cycle of public readings from the Torah.

Israeli officials said it was the deadliest attack on their own soil in years. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, by noon on Saturday, Israel's counterattack had already taken 198 lives and wounded 1,610. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already told the public that Israel is "at war."

"The Biden Admin funded Hamas in Gaza, the PA in Judea and Samaria, and most importantly Iran, who is behind it all," Pearl said. "Our rhetoric and support for Israel's sworn enemies emboldened and empowered them. Citizens of Israel, 3 million Arabs and 6 million Jews live with this threat daily."

After the attacks, Biden claimed he had a phone call with Netanyahu, offering the Israelis support and condemning the attacks.

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