It was a cold night on the Plains on Wednesday as some Auburn students celebrated the news that University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban was planning to retire.

Just a couple of hours after hearing that the legendary Bama coach was likely going to hang his hat, Tiger fans came out to Toomer's Corner to toilet paper the school's oak trees on the southwest corner of College Street and Magnolia Avenue.

The rolling of the trees is a tradition any time Auburn fans celebrate a win.

While Alabama fans don't always appreciate the deep-rooted tradition, this time, many said it went too far.

"Wow! I don't hate Auburn as an Alabama fan, but this is classless," said Krystal Sheppard, a longtime Alabama fan. "This really disappoints me but that's okay. Cheer because you may have a shot at something now but I promise at some point, you will see what ugliness gets you."

Sheppard told 1819 News she usually has an appreciation and mutual respect for Auburn, mainly because of Bruce Pearl, this time it will take some time for her heart to heal.

"I'm just in shock," she said. "I will now finish mourning his leaving for the program, and be proud for his future. He's earned it."

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