The week-long "Pridefest" hosted in Auburn featured a number of public displays of drag, several of which were targeted toward children.

Last week, Lee County LGBTQ organization Pride on the Plains hosted a drag show for children on Tuesday night during a "family fun night" at the local coffee shop Coffee Mafia.

On Sunday, the Pridefest event posted a video showing a performer dancing outdoors, collecting cash tips for young children. Another performer can also be seen provocatively dancing while the same children are in the audience.

In another video, a young girl with a balloon goes up on stage to hand money to a pantless drag performer named Kameron Michaels. After accepting the cash, Michaels gets the girl to say into a microphone, "Happy Pride," which is met with cheers from the crowd. "That's also called really good parenting," Michaels said.

In the same video, another performer is shown dancing and collecting tips from the audience.

Another video posted shows a performer wearing a skin-tight outfit that reads, "My drag is not a crime," while dancing provocatively in front of a young child.

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