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During a meeting of the East Alabama Republican Assembly, a citizen brought pornographic and inappropriate books she says were in the children's section of the Auburn Public Library.

The East Alabama Examiner reported some of those books are" Just as You Are" by Camille Kellogg, which is described by the publisher as a "sexy" and "queer" rewrite of "Pride and Prejudice," "The Queens' English," an LGBTQ+ dictionary that explains "how to use "kiki," "polysexual," or "transmasculine," and "It's Perfectly Normal," by Robie H. Harris, which includes cartoon photos of sexual positions depending on sexual preferences.

Martha Shamp brought some books to the meeting, calling on citizens to stand up and fight back.

"It is militant LGBT material at the Auburn Library, they are on a roll trying to pervert everybody that sees these books if they can," she said, according to the East Alabama Examiner.

"[T]he biggest issue is not LGBT, it's the sexualization whether homo or hetero, of young children. All the homosexual romances, that's all they buy now. Men loving men, women falling in love with women," she added.

Shamp said she has been working with a group out of Massachusetts that is fighting back, and that is what she wants to do in Auburn. She is hosting a meeting at Chappy's Restaurant at 2 p.m. on June 24 to bring people together on the issue. She also encouraged others to attend library board meetings and city council meetings to protest the inappropriate book offerings.

"If you want to proceed on your own, at your own pace, come to the library board meetings and help me," she said. "Usually I am the only one who shows up and sometimes they get on their little phones and call the Gay Mafia to all come there, the Auburn crowd, that is wearing their pride stickers, their pride shoes, their pride ties, people that even work in the library. We are allowed three minutes to speak, and it takes more than one voice. But if you show up, it really packs a punch."

The Auburn Public Library has not returned a media inquiry call from 1819 News.

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