Auburn fans experienced a major letdown in Saturday’s last-minute Iron Bowl defeat against the University of Alabama (UA). However, the Tigers managed to score a victory over the Crimson Tide off the field.

This year, Auburn’s Beat Bama Food Drive defeated UA’s Beat Auburn Beat Hunger in their annual food drive competition. Together, the two schools yielded over 1 million pounds of food for those who need it in Alabama. 

For 30 years, the two student organizations have competed to see who can raise the most food for food banks in the state. The food Auburn students contribute goes to the Food Bank of East Alabama, whereas the food UA students contribute goes to the Food Bank of West Alabama.

This year’s competition ran from September 29 to November 16.

According to UA, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger raised 326,644 pounds of food. This is down from last year’s 565,983 pounds, which won them a victory over Auburn

Beat Bama Food Drive raised 686,807 pounds, over double that of their competitors and more than 170,000 pounds higher than last year’s 516,611 pounds.

This is the second year in a row the two schools have raised over 1 million pounds. 

“It’s amazing what these two universities have done for the food insecure population of Alabama,” said CEO of West Alabama Food Bank Jean Rykaczewski. “The last two years have been record-setting years for what we can do.”

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