PRATTVILLE — The Autauga County Commission claims it is addressing the health and safety concerns in the Autauga County Jail after Sheriff Mark Harrell announced he was evacuating it due to health and safety concerns.

Harrell announced he was evacuating the jail on Thursday, saying he has a “moral obligation for the safety, health and security of all individuals who come through the doors of the Autauga County Metro Jail.”

Harrel placed the responsibility for the jail’s conditions on the Autauga County Commission, claiming it would have to improve before employees or inmates would return to the facility.

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Authorities began bussing inmates out of the facility on Thursday, transporting some to other facilities while others made bond.

On Friday, the commission responded by saying it was already assessing concerns in the jail and asked for continued good faith from Harrell and his staff.  

“The County Commission is aware of certain facility issues at the Autauga County Metro Jail,” the statement read. “We have been working diligently, and in good faith, with Sheriff Harrell and his staff to address their important concerns; we will continue to do so and ask him and his staff to do the same. Just this week the County Commission had workers in the building to assess and attempt to address those concerns. We have also had multiple experts inspect the facility. We will persist to make improvements, but within the scope of the law and the resources available to us, to ensure the wellbeing of anyone – inmate, staff, law enforcement officer, or member of the public – who enters the jail.”

The commission concluded its statement by saying it would not offer additional comments.

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