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An Autauga County farmer says a lightning strike killed a cow in his pasture during a storm on Sunday.

Andy Wendland, who runs and operates the Autauga Farming Company, said in a social media post that the family was hosting a family gathering, and it had been raining and thundering when the strike happened.

"We were all safely inside with children and grandchildren, when we heard this loud BOOM of thunder, very close by. [My daughter] Emma looked up just in time to see one of our cows fall over in the pasture."

Wendland says the cow had been struck by lightning "and fell dead, on the spot, within a hundred yards of our front porch. We have never had one hit this close to our home."

In a statement to Fox News, Wendland said, "We are always saddened at a loss like this but realize that events like this happen in nature. On a farm, you learn very early that there are many events beyond your control."

Read more of his interview here.

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