Avondale Brewing Co. in Birmingham canceled rock artist Ted Nugent after a slew of left-wing complaints appeared in the comment section on the brewery’s social media post.

According to reports, after Avondale announced the performance on Monday on social media, hundreds of users commented with complaints about Nugent’s conservative political views. 

Nugent became famous when he joined The Amboy Dukes as lead guitarist in 1963. After the band dissolved, he launched a successful solo career, releasing three multi-platinum albums from 1975 to 1977. He later formed the band Damn Yankees in 1989. 

In recent decades, Nugent became an outspoken conservative and advocate for the Second Amendment. He has a long history of making controversial comments, including one in 2012 when he said he would “either be dead or in jail by this time next year” if Barack Obama were to become president. After making the comments, Nugunt received a visit from the Secret Service. 

Reports indicated Avondale Brewing posted a statement to social media on Thursday afternoon confirming the cancelation. As of Friday morning, these posts, along with the initial announcement, do not appear to remain on Twitter or Facebook.

In the statement cited by the press, the brewery cited “concerns of the Avondale community” as a reason to cancel Nugent’s concert.

The concert, scheduled for July 18, would’ve been one of 28 stops in Nugent’s “Adios Mofo ‘23” tour. Nugent described this concert as his final tour.

On Friday morning, Nugent tweeted a link to a story about the show’s cancellation and wrote, “Liars & haters drunk on stupid incapable to debate me.”

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