The Baldwin County Bridge Company (BCBC) increased rates Wednesday following a Supreme Court ruling in favor of Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) director John Cooper.

"BCBC had proposed to build a new span and provide a 4-lane bridge for the citizens of Baldwin County to use for free, but ALDOT Director John Cooper refused to even consider that proposal," BCBC said in a statement. "Now, as a result of the actions taken by Director Cooper, BCBC has been forced to increase the toll rates on the Beach Express Bridge."

The rate increased from $2.75 to $5. For prepaid accounts, the rate will increase by 20 cents to $2.22. The rate for Orange Beach residents will not change and will remain at $1.

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"Like all businesses, we've had to weather increasing costs because of national economic headwinds and inflation," the statement read. "Despite those costs, BCBC has not increased tolls since 2010. We've done everything we can to be a good neighbor, keep our tolls low, and provide safe and efficient travel options for drivers in Coastal Alabama. We've also taken pride in the fact that our business provides jobs for dozens of Alabama residents who provide excellent service to our customers."

"But BCBC has also faced a challenge no business in this State should ever have to face: an unelected bureaucrat has decided to do everything in his power to put BCBC out of business," it continued. "For years, ALDOT Director John Cooper has been on a personal mission to destroy our company. Director Cooper has admitted that he is building a new bridge right next to the BEX Bridge to put our company 'out of business' and take away our property. BCBC has been forced to spend a substantial amount of money to defend itself in court from Director Cooper's conduct, and it now appears that Director Cooper will be allowed to carry out his plan to destroy BCBC's business and try to bankrupt our company."

After a months-long court case and appeal process concerning the bridge, the BCBC claimed court costs and attorneys fees have added to challenges for the company.

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