The Eastern Shore Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) approved a plan for bike and pedestrian corridors.

The plan, developed by the Baldwin County Trailblazers, includes the county's 14 municipalities and connects jurisdictions with bike pathways with east-to-west links and a trail line between Bay Minette and Foley.

MPO chairman Jack Burrell said the plans could be modified in the future, given the county's growth.

"I think that they did a very good job," Burrell said of the Trailblazers. "I am very pleased with the vision plan and I congratulate them on a very good job."

The purpose is to connect communities safely while giving residents options for transportation.

The Trailblazers, a non-profit organization, has worked on the Baldwin County Multimodal Connectivity Vision Plan for several years. Burrell said he is impressed with how comprehensive it is. The Trailblazers also want to encourage biking and walking.

Burrell added, "I think having a bicycle and pedestrian path greatly enhances our quality of life here in Baldwin County."

The plan includes off-road networks between Foley and Magnolia Springs, one from Foley to the Gulf Coast and one from Silverhill to Robertsdale. The plan highlights proposals for the future.

Baldwin County, consisting of 2,027 square miles, is the largest county by area in the state.

A project the Trailblazers are responsible for includes the Eastern Shore Trail, a connector between Daphne and Fairhope. Sidewalks begin at the north end of Interstate 10 and extend to Highway 98 to Weeks Bay. There are markers along the trail to keep users on the nearly 25-mile trail.

In other areas of Baldwin County, the Trailblazers have listed trails in Blakeley State Park, the Bon Secour National Wildlife Center Refuge, the Fort Morgan Road Trail, Wade Ward Nature Park, Perdido River Hiking Trail, Robertsdale Bike & Walking Trail, Pioneer Park Trail, Loxley Municipal Park, Graham Creek Nature Preserve and Baldwin County Bicentennial Park.

The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Tail was also voted the best recreational trail in the United States in 2023.

The Baldwin County Commission and municipalities can use the vision plan as a reference tool for future infrastructure and development.

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