After the lackluster outcome for the GOP in the 2022 midterm elections, some Republicans have suggested the party soften its stance on abortion.

According to those Republicans, backing off would make some voters in swing districts and states more likely to vote Republican.

However, the discussion is a nonstarter for U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise).

During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show," Moore, who currently represents the second congressional district but is now a candidate for the GOP nod in the first congressional district in the 2024 election cycle, rejected compromise on his abortion position.

"To me, there is a line in the sand we simply do not cross," Moore said. "Whether you're currying favor with the electorate or whatever – you better stand with the Creator of the universe, and you better be pro-life, brother, because that is a curse on a nation. We saw Roe v. Wade overturned, and look, Jeff, there are certain things you just cannot compromise on, my friend. We are just destroying unborn children in the womb and saying, 'Oh, that's fine, and if it will get us a few more votes, we might back up a little on that position.' You don't do that. You never do that. You can compromise on preferences."

"But on convictions, we should never walk away," he continued. "We should stand and hold the line. If you're the last man standing, you stand for life and the Lord will bless that, and I believe he'll bless our nation as a result. I just don't think there should be any compromise. And by golly, if we don't get somebody's vote on account of it, if that's the issue you're running on, killing unborn children, well, heaven help you."

Jeff Poor is the editor in chief of 1819 News and host of "The Jeff Poor Show," heard Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-noon on Mobile's FM Talk 106.5. To connect or comment, email or follow him on Twitter @jeff_poor.

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