One of former President Donald Trump's most outspoken proponents throughout the indictment saga has been Alabama's own U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise).

On Saturday, Moore appeared on Newsmax TV to discuss the case, which he said he believed would wind up being a precursor to Trump's victories.

"I think we have to respond very quickly," he said. "You know, there is an old saying that actually came out of New York that you can indict a ham sandwich. I think it is important for the American people to know that you only get to present one side of the case in the grand jury, and that's what they've done against Donald Trump. If it hadn't been for so many times in the past, where they said it was Russian collusion, Russian collusion, and then when the laptop came out, they said that was Russian disinformation. And then they tried to impeach him twice. They spied on his campaign. I think the American people are getting fed up with that, and they need to understand this is politically motivated."

"I was, as well, politically attacked," Moore continued. "I was indicted when I was running for the state legislature. It rallied the people behind me. I had more volunteers the following week. I hope our nation sees this for what it is — another attack on what we think may or may not be the nominee. We certainly don't need our opponents picking our nominees. And so, this is to rally the people behind him, saying let's get out and support Donald Trump. I hope they do what they did for me and encourage his family to stay in the fight. He is going to win the race, and he is going to win the case, and that's the way I see it."

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