We are seeing the government create wars in the minds of our children through cognitive dissonance. It puts conflicting beliefs in the hearts of young people, and they are being torn apart. It's all over America.

Lately, we have been gifted so much money for mental health. It sounds good; yes, there are mental health problems, but fixing the problems must involve parents. This is a family problem.

Alabama HB123 states, "No student of a public K-12 school under the age of 14 may be allowed to participate in ongoing school counseling services including, but not limited to, mental health services, unless specific written instruction has been granted by the student's parent, unless there is an imminent threat to the health of the student or others. For the purposes of this section, this written permission is referred to as an opt-in."

You can then infer students 14 and over will be participating.

This bill needs to be studied by parents, and they should be given the choice of whether to opt for government mental health interventions or a private provider. After all, they are the parents, not the government! Read the bill for yourself here.

Here's an example of high quality support for students from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), which shows how much of mental health dollars are being used. Pay attention at 12 to 17 minutes in, about the words "agent of change," "empowered," "collective" and "demand":

Now read this: "Young People as Change Agents: The Obama Foundation's Approach to Civics Engagement (Opinion)"

And this.

Add these things up, and you quickly realize children are being put on a track to change our way of life and our nation, and lots more money is on the way to ensure those goals are accomplished.

In U.S. Government's 2023 budget, President Biden has proposed $127 billion in discretionary and mandatory funding to be spent over the next 10 years on his mental health strategty, which includes hiring more "school psychologists, counselors and other mental health professionals in K-12 schools."

There are other ways to help young people deal with mental health problems. Let parents choose the way.

Current scientific research has established that low socioeconomic status, “at risk” children who attend church and have access the support of a spiritual congregation are significantly more resilient to the temptations drugs, crime and dropping out of school,

Duke University's Marian Butterfeld, who has a medical degree as well as a Masters in Public Health, agrees: "Going to church may be a proxy for social support. And studies show social support is protective against both physical and mental illness."

Government services such as mental health counseling, pregnancy counseling, sex education and family education are secular and thus violate the cherished beliefs of the majority of faith-based families as well as parental rights to educate and rear their children according to the dictates of their conscience.

HB123 shows us how close we are to the edge of losing our state and our conservative values as the minds of children are subsumed into the plans of the Biden administration.  We have seen how hard it has been to remove Common Core, aka college and career readiness standards, which were lies as we are at the bottom academically.

Education is no longer about academics as the government is now spending billions to change the minds of children from freedom loving Americans to Socialists.  Let’s be the adults and face the truth and protect our children. HB123 needs to be studied by any parent who may want to opt their children out of President Biden's Unity Agenda.

Talk to your legislators about undoing this bad bill and stopping the movement that undermines God-given parental rights.

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