BIRMINGHAM — Wednesday, 1819 News revealed that YouTube had permanently banned its flagship podcast, "1819 News: The Podcast."

"YouTube's ban of 1819 News: The Podcast from its platform shows just how severe Big Tech censorship has become," 1819 News President Bryan Dawson said. "While YouTube and parent companies Google and Alphabet have the right and should restrict inappropriate content that is sexually explicit, violent, or dangerous, this is not what is happening with our podcast. Instead, YouTube has adopted new policies that restrict free speech on election integrity and COVID-19, including discussions on how the virus spreads and vaccine efficacy."

"The bottom line is that if YouTube doesn't agree with what a video says about election integrity or the pandemic, you're out," Dawson continued. "With YouTube and their woke parent companies doing everything they can to stifle opposing ideas, it's really no surprise that the podcast was banned from YouTube." 

"One challenge, however, that YouTube's ban highlights is the difficulty in monetizing content that does not toe the line of the San Francisco tech elite," Dawson said. "The Left is intent on it being both costly and cost-ineffective to broadcast a conservative message. This is a real challenge 1819 News faces. So if you believe in free speech and the right to defy the prevailing narrative of our day, consider supporting the work of 1819 News through a monthly supporting membership. These memberships start at just $5 a month and help ensure our podcasts, news, and opinion page are serving one constituency alone — the people of Alabama."

"1819 News: The Podcast" is available on Rumble, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, and wherever else podcasts are heard.

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