A bill barring state political parties from disqualifying potential candidates based upon political contributions from individuals of Political Action Committees (PACs).  

State political parties currently set their own qualifications for potential candidates. Those qualifications can include disqualification based on previous primary voting records, past affiliations and more.

House Bill 186 (HB186), sponsored by State Rep. Phillip Pettus (R-Killen), would codify into law that "a political party may not disqualify an individual for nomination to an office based solely on receipt by the individual of a campaign contribution from a particular person or a particular political action committee." The bill already has eight cosponsors.

In the past, state political parties have attempted to limit what entities can give to their candidates.

The Alabama GOP (ALGOP) passed a resolution last year during its summer executive committee meeting prohibiting Republican county and state school board and superintendent candidates from receiving campaign donations from the National Education Association and the Alabama Education Association.

The decision received backlash during the meeting from lawmakers and political operatives alike. Some pointed out that state lawmakers should be included in such bans. ALGOP bylaws committee chairman State Auditor Andrew Sorrell intimated the executive committee might consider such a restriction in the future.

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