Despite pushback from the Elmore County Republican Executive Committee, a bill allowing the Elmore County Board of Education (ECBOE) to appoint the Superintendent of Education has passed the Alabama House of Representatives.

Currently, the people of the county elect the superintendent position. House Bill 99 (HB99) would give the ECBOE authority to appoint the superintendent after current Superintendent Richard Dennis' term expires.

The bill is sponsored by State Rep. Reed Ingram (R-Pike Road) and co-sponsored by the House Elmore County delegation, which includes State Reps. Troy Stubbs (R-Wetumpka) and Jerry Starnes (R-Prattville).

The bill was brought to the House floor on Tuesday, the same day the Elmore Republican Executive Committee asked that an amendment be added to allow the citizens of Elmore to vote on the measure.  

State Rep. Bob Fincher (R-Woodland) opposed the bill and offered an amendment, echoing the concerns of the Elmore GOP.

"This just seems to be an attempt to say, basically, 'we don't care what you think. We don't want you to elect a superintendent. We want to handle it in a different way,'" Fincher said.

The content of the amendment is still unknown since Ingram asked that it be tabled. However, it is believed to be the amendment suggested by the Elmore GOP. 

"You don't have any of my county," Ingram said. "How many counties are you away? Maybe 15, 20 counties away from my county? I've got a resolution from the County Board of Education and the County Commission 100%. …I mean, I have 100% resolution from both bodies."

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