For 25 years, JH Israel has built a network of leaders to collaborate and develop innovative initiatives to help strengthen Israel's future. Since the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas, the non-profit's founder and CEO Heather Johnston said the mission has become more critical.

"It is critical that our nation stands with Israel, and it is critical that our government leaders are. The Bible is crystal clear," Johnston said. "... There is a strong sense that we are in a time of testing among the nations. Those that will stand with Israel, which is really standing with God, versus those nations that won't do that, and we need to be defining reality accurately."

As "watchmen on the walls," Johnston said people in Alabama have a responsibility. The number one mission is to pray.

"You might be critical of our government today, but it's not the time to be critical," Johnston told 1819 News. "We need to understand that we cannot afford for them to fail. It's our time to be on the wall, praying for Israel."

Johnston said it was important to take a portion of every day to pray for leaders and be engaged.

"A watchman is that person that goes up to the highest vantage point, and they're able to see out in the distance, and they're there to do two things," she explained. "One, they're there to observe. That means you have to make it your business to know what's going on. That is, read your newspapers. Read the Israeli news. Know what's going on over in that nation. And number two, preserve. That is, enforce victory over Israel in this season. And so, that's what a watchman does. They observe, and they preserve."

Johnston is also the founder of the United States Israel Education Association. The group has provided information to U.S. lawmakers and leaders and facilitated trips to Israel.

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