Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin has declared “Woodfin's 14 Days of Christmas,” which evidently consists of parodying Christmas classics in a perplexingly cringy fashion. 

The first video was posted on December 12, which is exactly 13 days removed from Christmas, and features Woodfin remaking a classic scene from “A Christmas Story” in his best falsetto.

Next, Woodfin posted a dubbed scene from “The Grinch” starring Jim Carrey.

For the third day of the 14 days of Christmas, Woodfin can be seen parodying a scene from “Gremlins,” which many would argue is not a Christmas movie.

Day four was a chaotic rendition of the hilarious squirrel scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Day five featured a scene from “Bad Santa,” who, ironically, was not as bad as this dubbed parody.

Day six featured the tiny Christmas tree scene from the Infamous “Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Day seven featured an esoteric scene from the most underrated sitcom of all time, “Martin,” starring Martin Lawrence. Woodfin chose not to dub this scene. Instead, he and his costar voice the dialogue themselves. Woodfin’s apparent need to read the lines behind the camera make this possibly the worst day thus far.

The most recent day shows Woodfin featured as the pyrokinetic Heat Miser in “The year without a Santa Claus.” The heat miser is notorious for having the things he touches melting, making this rendition the most apropos for Woodfin.

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