Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin announced a new policy offering 12 weeks of paid leave for city employees becoming new parents.

The leave will allow the over 3,000 employees, mother or father, of the city of Birmingham to accept the three months leave for childbirth, adoption, beginning the fostering process, or experiencing a stillbirth after 20 weeks.

"Today we're taking a big step forward for working families in Birmingham," Woodfin said in a Twitter post. "Every city employee will now have access to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. It doesn't matter whether they're a mom or a dad, or if they adopting, fostering, or giving birth - this is available to ALL."

"This is major step towards creating more equitable and just society. We hope to see this model adopted at the national level and made universal for all of our working families."

Woodfin said in a statement that the policy would prevent the current necessity of parents to use their sick days in tandem with time provided by The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 after having a child.

"It is my expectation that this new policy will enhance the physical and mental health of our young families," Woodfin said in a letter to city workers.

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