The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is going after the Birmingham Police Department for holding a roll call prayer.

In a press release, the FFRF said an employee of BPD contacted them because they felt uncomfortable.

“Multiple concerned Birmingham residents, including a department employee, have informed the state/church watchdog that the department regularly invites a pastor from the local Baptist church to proselytize, read bible passages and lead devotionals and prayers during mandatory staff roll calls,” the press release stated. “FFRF’s main complainant reported that when the pastor is not there, another officer leads a Christian prayer for all employees in attendance.’

The FFRF called the prayer a department-funded coercive religious ceremony.

“An open profession of Christianity or any religion from an entity sworn to serve and protect is unconstitutional and divisive,” said FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor. “The Birmingham Police Department serves all of the town residents, not just Christians.”

The Birmingham Police Department posted about the prayer on Facebook, saying, “We’re starting Wednesday with Roll Call at West Precinct. Each day our officers come together to receive their assignments for duty and to pray for a safe shift before they go out and serve Birmingham. Our officers enjoy this time with one another.”

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The FFRF asked the Birmingham PD to refrain from religious worship, Bible readings, devotionals and prayer.

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