By Brandon Moseley

Birmingham area law student D. Denise Webber-Jenkins announced on Monday that she is withdrawing from the Alabama House of Representatives District 52 race in order to focus on finishing her legal studies.

Webber-Jenkins said that she intended to concentrate on finishing her studies at the Birmingham School of Law to be an attorney, which should be complete by May.

House District 52 is currently represented by 81-year-old incumbent State Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), who has qualified to run for another term.

1819 News asked Webber-Jenkins if she would like to endorse Rogers.

“Absolutely not,” Webber-Jenkins said. “He needs to hand the baton to someone else and spend his time playing golf and with his grandchildren.

“Birmingham politics is a dirty, greasy, game,” Webber-Jenkins said.

Webber-Jenkins blamed the Presidents of the Birmingham Neighborhood Associations, who she claims keep young people shut out.

“They are scared of new people and new ideas,” she said.

Webber-Jenkins said that she will be back, but that it would be better for her potential constituents if she had her legal career underway.

“I am not going anywhere,” Webber-Jenkins said. “I have remarried a man who lives in this neighborhood, and I am here to stay."

Webber-Jenkins was born in Milwaukee, grew up in Chicago, and moved to Birmingham five years ago from Memphis.

Rogers has been a fixture in the legislature for decades. He, like most incumbents, does not have a primary or general election opponent at this time.

The Democratic Party primary will be on May 24, 2022.

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