MADISON – Republican U.S. Senate nominee Katie Britt hosted an event at the Black Patch Distillery on Monday to rally supporters before voters head to the polls next Tuesday.

She was joined by U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and a host of other state officeholders.

Britt laid out what she hoped to accomplish as a U.S. Senator, pledging to tackle border security, abortion, economic woes and education reform.

However, none of it would be possible if people did not get out and vote on Election Day, argued Blackburn.

"It is imperative that you all get people out to vote," Blackburn said. "We cannot win if we do not get people out to vote. We cannot send the messages that north Alabama is red — not purple — that is red unless we get out to vote."

Britt highlighted what she believes to be at stake in the upcoming elections, saying the success of current and future generations may hang in the balance.

"If our generation at 40 years old doesn't wake up and step up, we are looking at a nation where we may be the first generation with less freedom and less opportunity that we had," Britt said.

"This is one of those times in the nation where under President Biden's failed leadership, every single thing is moving in the wrong direction… I believe we are the party of faith, family, freedom and opportunity; opportunity for the next generation to realize the American dream."

Britt said she was confident Republicans have the numbers in Alabama and across the country to win back both chambers of Congress this election cycle.

"We are going to take back the House, and Senator Blackburn and I are here to tell you we will take back the Senate, as well," Britt said.

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth, who also spoke at the rally, echoed Britt's optimism for the upcoming election but gave his own admonition to conservative voters.

"I truly believe that America is a center-right country, and people are fed up with what's going on," he said. "... We need a huge red wave. We need all of us working hard to make sure we get out and vote. We can't take stuff for granted in Alabama… Work hard. Work like you're behind. Let's have a huge red wave. Alabama is on fire."

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