Gubernatorial candidate Lynda “Lindy” Blanchard formally qualified with the Alabama Republican Party on Friday.

“I am incredibly happy to be here today to formally qualify with the Republican Party of Alabama to be the next Governor of the State of Alabama,” Blanchard said. “Together we can create a change in Montgomery.”

Blanchard said she has seen Alabamians asking for an outsider to lead the state.

“Voters in Alabama voted loud and clear when they elected Donald Trump for President, a businessman, over the career politicians that he ran against,” Blanchard said. “They spoke again when they chose to send political outsider Tommy Tuberville to the U.S. Senate, and they’ve made it clear to me that they are tired of the governor’s chair in Montgomery being treated as a throne passed down generation after generation to incumbents just waiting their turn.”

Blanchard said, “Our state is ready for a conservative governor: a fighter like other states have, like Ron DeSantis in Florida, like Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, like Gov Abbott in Texas, and Gov. Kim Reynolds in Iowa.”

“I am ready to shake things up,” Blanchard said. “I am ready to get things done.”

Blanchard is challenging incumbent Republican Gov. Kay Ivey in the Republican primary.

Blanchard said that her priorities include, “To address issues that this administration has had years to address and has not.”

“I support expanding school choice,” Blanchard said. “Our children deserve no less than our best and they are not getting it now. The quality of a child’s education should not depend on their zip code. I support getting Common Core standards out of our classroom so that teachers can teach in a manner that not only teaches a skill they need to learn but also fosters a love of learning.”

Blanchard said she supports the Second Amendment, election integrity, Constitutional Carry, and enforcing immigration laws.

“I stand for a strong border, enforcing immigration laws,” Blanchard stated.

Blanchard said that border security is needed to stop the “Deadly fentanyl coming across our border. These drugs are pouring into our country and contributed to the death of over 100,000 of our fellow citizens just last year alone.”

Blanchard’s eldest son died from a drug overdose.

She said she opposes COVID vaccine mandates.

“As we move forward, I look forward to the opportunity to lay out my priorities,” Blanchard concluded. “And to listen to the voters and their priorities.”

Blanchard and her husband John are self-made millionaires with multiple real estate buildings across the southeast. Blanchard is a noted philanthropist involved in children’s charities both here and in other countries.

The Blanchards were major Donald J. Trump supporters and donors in the 2016 election.

President Trump appointed Blanchard as U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia – a nation created by the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s and Melania’s home country.

Blanchard had originally announced that she was a candidate for U.S. Senate; but after a year of campaigning, she was in fourth place. Blanchard switched to the governor’s race last fall.

There is a very crowded gubernatorial field this year. In addition to Blanchard and Ivey, Springville Mayor Dave Thomas, Greenville businessman Tim James, Lee County Pastor Dean Odle, King’s Home President Lew Burdette, and former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy George are all running for the Alabama Republican Party nomination.

There are also three Democrats running: Yolana Rochelle Flowers, Chad Chig Martin, and Patricia Salter Jamieson are all running for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Friday at 5 p.m. is the deadline for qualifying to run in either major party primary.

The major party primaries will be on May 24.

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