During a Wednesday appearance on Fox Business Network's "Kudlow," U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) reacted to the White House accusing Republicans of blocking their efforts to shore up the U.S.-Mexico border.

Britt called the Biden administration's supplemental request to manage the flow of migrants coming to the border rather than secure the border "an absolute joke." She called on Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to "have some political courage" and get serious about securing the border.

"The truth is the supplemental requests made by the Biden administration - by the president himself - was an absolute joke," Britt outlined. "What that supplemental request would have done was help to further this crisis. It would have helped to manage the flow of migrants coming across the border and not actually secure the border. In order to be able to do this, if you are going to try do it with a funding mechanism, you have to put funding in the right place. You've got to make sure that we have more Border Patrol agents. You've got to make sure that we actually finish building barriers on the border to make sure that we're putting migrants and they're flowing to the right place so that our Border Patrol agents can actually do their job. You have got to actually tighten asylum standards, which is a policy change, from a credible fear to a reasonable fear."

She continued, "I looked back at the last president, and you know that President Trump figured out how to do this. President Biden is just refusing to do his job. And that is the long and the short of it."

Britt went on to say she needed to hear the White House say they were going to secure the border and restore the Remain in Mexico policy "to actually change what is happening on the border each day."

"We have to start by admitting we're having a problem, and then [Mayorkas] has to have the political courage and the will to actually make the change," she added.

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