As pro-Palestine protests rage on at college campuses across the United States, U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) urged President Joe Biden and his administration to do something to end the discrimination against Jewish college students.

During a Senate hearing with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Britt railed against the Biden administration, saying it was "utterly failing the American people and failing the Jewish community across this nation."

"I'm afraid that this administration is not learning the lessons from the past," Britt declared. "When you look at the history, it wasn't OK to do that in the 1960s, do you understand? And it is not OK to do that now. This is the United States of America. We have to uphold the laws in front of us. We have to make sure that different groups based on their race or ethnicity are not discriminated against. We have to have safe learning environments, and it is my thought that the Biden administration is utterly failing the American people and failing the Jewish community across this nation. And I ask you to do more."

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"And I hope that you hold these institutions accountable, and I hope you create a safe space across this nation for Jewish students to learn, to grow and to be fostered on these college campuses," she added. "And anything less is unacceptable."

Alabama's junior U.S. Senator has been vocal in her support of Israel since it came under Hamas attack in October 2023. She and seven other U.S. Senators of both parties met with key leaders in the Middle East to view the aftermath of the attack.

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