On Monday, U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) blasted Senate leadership for pushing legislation to federally protect access to contraception. Britt said Democrats were "fearmongering" over reproductive rights as part of their "Summer of Scare Tactics" to mislead voters ahead of the November General Election.

With the backing of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the Right to Contraception Act is scheduled for a vote on Wednesday. The bill will provide federal protections for contraception, both for those procuring and providing it.

"This week, my colleagues across the aisle will start their 'Summer of Scare Tactics.'" Britt said from the Senate floor. "Unfortunately, this is continuing the campaign of fearmongering we've already seen. Contraception is available in every state across the nation. And, of course, I want to be absolutely, 100% clear that I support continued nationwide access to contraception."

"But that's not the purpose of the bill my colleagues across the aisle are bringing to the floor on Wednesday. Once again, the bill tramples on foundational religious liberty protections that have long been bipartisan — and truly should remain bipartisan. And my colleagues across the aisle know that. The goal of my Democrat colleagues right now is to scare the American people, to scare women across our great nation. It's not that they believe there is a problem they're truly trying to solve. They're prioritizing their own short-term partisan political interests. Sadly, this only does a disservice to the very families and the very women we should be trying to find common ground to help."

Britt pointed to left-wing attacks on her much-touted More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed (MOMS) Act, which received vigorous pushback from Democrats who claimed the bill was part of an anti-abortion agenda. Many speculated the Democrats' strong reaction was part of an attempt to demonize Republican reproductive efforts as a political ploy.  

The MOMS Act would establish Pregnancy.gov, which would offer resources to women in all stages of pregnancy. It would also establish a grant program for mothers and healthcare providers.

"We saw the false fearmongering with the MOMS Act," Britt continued. "We've already seen it with issues like IVF. Just like with nationwide access to contraception, I want to make it clear that Republicans support continued nationwide access to IVF. I look forward to discussing this more next week, as, unfortunately, my Democratic colleagues will continue their 'Summer of Scare Tactics.' The Republican Party is the party of families, and we're going to continue fighting to support the rights and freedoms of families across America."

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