In a spirited talk at the Escambia County Republican Party meeting in Brewton Monday night, U.S. Senate candidate and current Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL-5) fired up the crowd as he discussed issues ranging from the national debt to being a real conservative.

“The Republican Party is not a social club,” Brooks said. “We have a belief system and you need to be mindful of those principles.”

Brooks already has the endorsement of former President Donald Trump and, in many ways, delivers a speech in a similar, off-the-cuff fashion.

“I tell you what I think, not what you want to hear,” Brooks said.

He noted that he is the only Senate candidate in Alabama with a public voting record, so citizens can actually check on what he supports.

Brooks considers the national debt “The number one threat to American greatness.” And when asked what he would do differently than Richard Shelby if elected said, “I would not have supported running up a $30 trillion debt that is strangling us.”

He told a young person in the crowd that the national debt means every American is basically on the hook, saying, “You may not know it, but you owe $90 thousand.”

Regarding other economic issues, “The reason we have a problem finding labor is that the government is paying people not to work,” Brooks said.

On the subject of the January 6 Congressional hearings, which he calls, “The Nancy Pelosi witch hunt committee,” Brooks said he is disappointed in Republicans Liz Cheney (R-Wy) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill).

“They’re de-facto Democrats,” Brooks said. “They are consumed by the riot at the Capitol instead of paying attention to the things that challenge America.”

When asked if he would vote for Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader should he be elected, Brooks said he thinks it’s time for a change.

“We would be well served to find someone to replace Mitch McConnell, (someone) who is more conservative," Brooks said.

Brooks added that it’s important Republicans have a good working relationship with Trump.

When asked about his own strong relationship with Trump, Brooks said that if the former president were elected in 2024, “I’m confident Mister Trump and I will team up time after time to continue the MAGA agenda.” He added that Trump is unique in American politics.

“He’s very gregarious, dominates any room he’s in," Brooks said. "He has a way of captivating an audience. Very few people can interact as he does.”

Brooks said it’s never been more important for Republicans to work hard to take back control, urging them to campaign and sign up to be poll watchers. While the polls currently show the GOP has a strong chance to take back the House and possibly the Senate, Brooks is realistic that Republicans will still be dealing with Joe Biden and will not have the two-thirds Senate majority to override any Presidential veto. He wants to get back to making America energy independent, but Congress would be dealing with an administration that killed the Keystone pipeline on day one.

Still, a majority would help to put the brakes on what Brooks calls, “The climate scare agenda. We can stop the President from making things worse.”

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