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Professional man Alabama News
Randy Tatano: How to get a job without applying

Have we, as a society, gotten so far beyond casual in our dress that even wearing khakis and an oxford shirt is now the equivalent of a tuxedo? Do basic business casual clothes send me directly to management? 

Cat and Kittens Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Stray cats sale — feed one, get four free!

There are plenty of people out there who do a lot more than I do for animals, running animal rescue organizations or fostering sick pets. I just thought I’d share the wonderful feeling you get when you save an animal.

Alfred E Neuman Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Snappy answers to stupid questions

“Mad Magazine” and its "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" is no longer around, but stupid questions still are.

Hot dog Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The menu in the press box

Of all the press box food I’ve experienced, most has been very good. Auburn definitely had the best menu (sorry, Alabama fans, but this is about food, not football) with a really tasty buffet.

Easter Eggs Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The Easter April Fools’ Day gag

The key to a great April Fools’ Day story is believability; it must look as if it’s actually true before the punch line. 

Palmetto bug Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The Deep South’s welcome wagon of bugs

As Sergeant Al said in the movie “Die Hard,” we’re gonna need a boatload of screen doors.

Michele Collier instructs Connie Reeves from the Central Office (left) and Janet Brantley from Flomaton Elementary (right) Alabama News
Complete transparency coming to Escambia County Schools

More than ever, parents want to know exactly what’s going on in their child’s school.

Communion Alabama News
Randy Tatano: First communion boot camp

Every religion has its traditions. Growing up Catholic, the big event for a kid is your first holy communion.

Gas Stove Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Hands off my gas stove!

Of all the stupid things the church of climate change has targeted, taking away gas stoves takes the cake.

Donuts Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s your donut

Valentine’s Day. The time of romance, cupid, hearts, flowers and candy. But Valentine’s Day reminds me of donuts. Donuts and “The Poop Cruise.” 

Soup Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Goodbye to Italian penicillin

These days, the worldwide Italian community mourns the passing of number 155, pastina, which is just about the smallest pasta known to man.

TV Reporter Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Why February TV news is strange

You might think February, May and November are simply three months of the year. But in the world of television, they’re known as “sweeps months.”

Mardi Gras Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Mardi Gras … I just don’t get it

In Mobile, life seems to come to a screeching halt, revolving around Mardi Gras for a few weeks. When I got a job in Mobile, I was assigned to cover my first Mardi Gras parade. I had no idea what to expect.

Gas Station Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Those were the good ol’ days

Young people apparently have no idea how different life was before the advent of technology turned this country into one ruled by Skynet. So I started thinking of all the great stuff from the “good old days” that no longer exists.

Basketball Court Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Death on an Alabama basketball court

The death of an athlete in any sport is rare, but after the very visible collapse of Damar Hamlin, the potential for it is front and center in minds across the country.

New Year Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Resolutions society needs

Here are the suggested New Year resolutions that should cover everyone in some shape or form.

Die hard christmas Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Yippee-ki-yay, Merry Christmas!

I just need two things for a perfect Christmas… great food and an action movie in which things explode.

WS Neal Middle School Alabama News
These W.S. Neal Middle School teachers are true 'Jingle Belles'

Recently at a Veterans Day ceremony held at W.S. Neal Middle School in East Brewton, a group of sixth graders took to the stage and entertained the crowd with a perfect rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

Christmas Tree Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Christmas Tree Wars — Real vs. artificial

After 20 straight days of vacuuming and watching the cat climb the Christmas tree, my mother had reached the end of her rope and said goodbye to real Christmas trees forever.

File a242bfca 1b7c 4382 866d df517af62d07 Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Dreaming of a White Christmas? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

By Randy Tatano This time of year, the chance of snow on Christmas Day in Alabama is pretty much a long shot. Sure, we’ve had an occasional...

Doctor, health, hospital Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Medical professionals need new terms

Please, medical professionals, ditch that discomfort word, let us know when things will actually hurt or taste awful, and just be honest about what we’re going to experience. 

Restaurant Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Please, don’t open a restaurant

The next time someone compliments your cooking and you hear, “You should open a restaurant…” Be afraid. Be very afraid.

free speech silenced Alabama News
Randy Tatano: The return of free speech?

So when Elon Musk bought Twitter, I decided to rejoin the platform. While I had no idea what he would do to the company, there was a clear indicator that things would change for the better.

Ws neal high school Alabama News
W.S. Neal football: From worst to (almost) first

If you’re a fan of a high school football team that went 0-10, one would assume the next year would be a rebuilding season.

John F. Kennedy Alabama News
Randy Tatano: November 22, 1963

There are certain days in our lives so significant that we can recall every little detail years later. Images, words and emotions that are burned into our brains. We remember exactly where we were, what we were doing and what we felt when an important event took place.

Voting, vote, election Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Bring back mechanical voting machines

The solution to voting issues is an easy one: let’s go back to mechanical voting machines.

Ayehu Recognized by Industry Analysts scaled Alabama News
Randy Tatano: Skynet is here — No Terminators needed

If I was granted one wish, I’d want a time machine to go back before technology sucked all the fun and quality out of life.

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