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Blanchard and Burdette
Blanchard and Burdette make gubernatorial campaign stops in south Alabama

Gubernatorial candidates Lew Burdette and Lindy Blanchard made a stop in south Alabama this week.

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash
Randy Tatano: My 80s makeover

My mom was a fanatic when it came to how I dressed. I’d be heading off to play baseball, and she’d stop me. “Your t-shirt is all wrinkled!”

Michelle Mc Clung Superintendent Escambia County Schools Randy Tatano
Escambia County Schools Honors the Best at Red Carpet Event

A red carpet with no Kardashians. And no Will Smith. Just the local heroes of education. Women in gowns and men in tuxedos walked an actual red carpet.

Law Day 2
Escambia County high school seniors see justice system in action

Seniors from Escambia County’s three high schools got an up-close and personal look at the legal system as they attended the annual “Law Day” at the County Courthouse.

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Randy Tatano: The family savings plan

Those who lived through the Great Depression have a different way of looking at things when it comes to the economy. First, they never,...

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Don Siegelman may have recently been uninvited to one event in Brewton, but he was the guest of honor at another. The former governor...

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Blanchard slams Ivey for giving abortion clinics a pass during lockdowns

With abortion on the minds of many in light of the recent Supreme Court leak regarding Roe v. Wade, gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard...

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New Student Advisory Council shares ideas for Escambia County Schools

A dozen high school students were just sent to the superintendent’s office in Escambia County. But it wasn’t due to a disciplinary...

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Randy Tatano: How not to get on a game show

I guess my fascination with being a contestant on a game show started when I was a kid. A family friend won a shiny new car on the...

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Randy Tatano: The curse of the only child

When people find out I don’t have any brothers or sisters, the response is usually the same. “Oh, you must have been spoiled and gotten...

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GOP candidates fire up the crowd at Monroeville rally

When Monroe County GOP Chairman Rebekah Cornelison decided to hold the first-ever Republican rally in the historic town of Monroeville,...

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Brooks and barbecue on the menu in Brewton

Instead of giving a speech at a town hall, Mo Brooks is talking dinner table issues. At dinner tables. The Republican Congressman and...

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Randy Tatano: Confessions of a chocoholic

My name is Randy, and I’m a chocoholic. (All together now:) Hi, Randy! Welcome to chocoholics not-so-anonymous. There are no meetings...

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Siegelman responds to being uninvited to south Alabama school's Law Day

For nearly half a century, Escambia County “Law Day” has offered local high school seniors an opportunity to get an up-close and personal...

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Escambia County students now a lot safer with a touch of a button

Imagine having help on the way for your child in less than one minute during any emergency situation. That’s what a brand new technology...

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Randy Tatano: Behind the scenes at a bachelor auction

In April of 1988, I got the phone call that changed my life. The caller was Donna, a nice woman who handled public relations for a...

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Randy Tatano: My tryout with the Braves

As we approach the start of the baseball season, I look back at my one big chance. Like most young boys of my generation, I dreamed...

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Escambia County students experience living history at Pow Wow Grounds

History class became a new version of “show and tell” as students were treated to a visit at the Southeastern Indian Festival on the...

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Randy Tatano: My big movie break that wasn't

I think in some ways we have all wondered what it would be like to be a movie star. As someone who has spent his life in front of a...

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Escambia County schools lead the way helping Huxford storm victims

Residents of the Huxford area found out the Escambia County school system’s new slogan “We Are One”  doesn’t just apply to the classroom...

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Mobile officials slam criminal justice system after rash of violence

“In my opinion, the criminal justice system is broken.” These words from Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson after a weekend in which the Port...

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Albritton says sports betting is here, so state should benefit

It’s not often a metaphor becomes reality. But the Alabama legislature literally has a political football on its hands. We’re talking...

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Randy Tatano: Creative school discipline from a nun

Back in 1966, kids were starved for good science fiction. We were stuck with junk like Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the...

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Randy Tatano: The best argument for ending time change

Like many Americans, I hate the time change. I honestly don’t see the point. The one in the spring is the worst, especially if you’re...

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Real-life “Hoosiers” celebrate great season with championship play

Being the second-best boys' basketball team in Alabama is still something to brag about. While the Escambia High Blue Devils didn’t...

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Skyrocketing gas prices affecting law enforcement

Imagine having to fill up 55 cars every day. That’s the situation faced by Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson, whose fleet of patrol...

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Randy Tatano: Watching TV with Mom

I was raised by a single mom. I know, that’s not unusual today, but back in the day, in a Catholic neighborhood where no one got divorced,...

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