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Cheap eats
Randy Tatano: The Cheapskate Awards

If you’ve worked in the private sector for any length of time, you’ve no doubt run into a cheap boss. One who squeezes every penny until Lincoln screams. While many simply follow a budget dictated by corporate, I’ve had a few who took things way too far.

Hugh fountain 1
'Nowhere to go but up': A unique 40th reunion at W.S. Neal High School

When Hugh Fountain was announced as the new head football coach for W.S. Neal High in East Brewton, it carried significance that went beyond sports. It reunited two men who had been friends since kindergarten. Because Fountain and Principal Todd Williamson are both alumni of the W.S. Neal class of ’82.

Priscilla Presley
Randy Tatano: Priscilla Presley rocks!

 About 10 years ago I was one of the producers of a television segment on Elvis, which would feature an interview with his ex-wife, Priscilla, who was returning to Graceland on the anniversary of his passing. While I didn’t know everything about Elvis, I was very familiar with Priscilla from her days on the TV show Dallas.

Fly Creek Water in Fairhope
Officials in south Alabama city say discolored water is safe but warn water emergency could be declared

Blazing hot weather and little rain have occasionally left residents of Fairhope seeing discolored water coming out of the tap. While it’s perfectly safe to drink, the reason is simple.

Old radio
Randy Tatano: Dad's radio days

Back in the day (those of us who are “of a certain age” say that a lot), you could fix electronics. If the TV had a problem, you could pull out the tubes, take them to the neighborhood store that had a tube tester, plug in each one, and find the bad one. Then buy a replacement, pop it in, and you’re back in business watching a picture off the rooftop antenna in spectacular black-and-white. Back in the day you could also build electronics. Which reminds me of the coolest thing I ever did with my Dad.

Kenny Stabler raiders com
Randy Tatano: Snake on a plane

Snake on a Plane. No, not the movie. And not a real snake. Kenny Stabler.

School resource officer sro school safety AP photo by Jae C Hong
School resource officers: The first line of defense

Considering the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, making schools safer seems to be near or at the top of everyone’s to-do list.

Randy Tatano: Amber Alert - Bring back the gentleman

Full disclosure right up front: I didn’t care about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. I didn’t watch a single story on television or read one in print. But wow, did I see social media blow up over the verdict!

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash
Randy Tatano: Hiring at your 'conveyance'

If you’ve ever been in a position to hire someone, you’ve no doubt had an eye roll moment. I’ve had several. They range from bizarre things on resumes to weird wardrobe choices for an in-person interview.

Book Signing 4
Book worms: South Alabama 5th graders write book & hold book signing for parents

There’s one book Flomaton Elementary fifth-graders will definitely be reading this summer, and not because it’s homework.

Hurricane by NASA
A local look at the upcoming hurricane season

Hearing that the hurricane season will be “busier than normal” makes Alabama residents a little nervous. And it has our local meteorologists preparing for storms like the rest of us stock up on batteries and bottled water.

Blanchard and Burdette
Blanchard and Burdette make gubernatorial campaign stops in south Alabama

Gubernatorial candidates Lew Burdette and Lindy Blanchard made a stop in south Alabama this week.

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash
Randy Tatano: My 80s makeover

My mom was a fanatic when it came to how I dressed. I’d be heading off to play baseball, and she’d stop me. “Your t-shirt is all wrinkled!”

Michelle Mc Clung Superintendent Escambia County Schools Randy Tatano
Escambia County Schools Honors the Best at Red Carpet Event

A red carpet with no Kardashians. And no Will Smith. Just the local heroes of education. Women in gowns and men in tuxedos walked an actual red carpet.

Law Day 2
Escambia County high school seniors see justice system in action

Seniors from Escambia County’s three high schools got an up-close and personal look at the legal system as they attended the annual “Law Day” at the County Courthouse.

File b7f5e987 c5ae 4dde 9449 4349ba5e51de
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Don Siegelman may have recently been uninvited to one event in Brewton, but he was the guest of honor at another. The former governor...

File f3768395 faa9 4cc1 9323 dca05e96ae6a
Randy Tatano: The family savings plan

Those who lived through the Great Depression have a different way of looking at things when it comes to the economy. First, they never,...

File d96bce3f dfcf 4111 b894 7b26637aaac5
Blanchard slams Ivey for giving abortion clinics a pass during lockdowns

With abortion on the minds of many in light of the recent Supreme Court leak regarding Roe v. Wade, gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard...

File dba92b31 e668 46f0 ac82 606ae7d1d8fa
New Student Advisory Council shares ideas for Escambia County Schools

A dozen high school students were just sent to the superintendent’s office in Escambia County. But it wasn’t due to a disciplinary...

File 5b106959 b215 46f2 8718 c1c8896c6d38
Randy Tatano: How not to get on a game show

I guess my fascination with being a contestant on a game show started when I was a kid. A family friend won a shiny new car on the...

File efa868ac f963 4074 adf3 59efd95f2df0
Randy Tatano: The curse of the only child

When people find out I don’t have any brothers or sisters, the response is usually the same. “Oh, you must have been spoiled and gotten...

File 665a04f0 c13f 4ae7 b629 41e28df591cb
GOP candidates fire up the crowd at Monroeville rally

When Monroe County GOP Chairman Rebekah Cornelison decided to hold the first-ever Republican rally in the historic town of Monroeville,...

File 95c61d54 64c2 4eb4 a179 34f1aabddba2
Brooks and barbecue on the menu in Brewton

Instead of giving a speech at a town hall, Mo Brooks is talking dinner table issues. At dinner tables. The Republican Congressman and...

File dbe8d477 a7b3 490a 9834 732ee3e5dbe7
Randy Tatano: Confessions of a chocoholic

My name is Randy, and I’m a chocoholic. (All together now:) Hi, Randy! Welcome to chocoholics not-so-anonymous. There are no meetings...

File 3ec1e47a b41c 4b9b 822e 42f14b478e41
Siegelman responds to being uninvited to south Alabama school's Law Day

For nearly half a century, Escambia County “Law Day” has offered local high school seniors an opportunity to get an up-close and personal...

File 7f877ed7 e23d 4f00 bd70 fce6bfebaf4c
Escambia County students now a lot safer with a touch of a button

Imagine having help on the way for your child in less than one minute during any emergency situation. That’s what a brand new technology...

File d231ebd2 dbc5 4885 a144 b0f48ee4c233
Randy Tatano: Behind the scenes at a bachelor auction

In April of 1988, I got the phone call that changed my life. The caller was Donna, a nice woman who handled public relations for a...

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