Saturday, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl reiterated his support for Israel on social media by declaring his approval of the Jewish state giving $39 million in tax revenues to the victims of terrorism instead of terrorist "martyrs."

"We should not be giving the Palestinian Authority millions of dollars to fund their martyrs," Pearl tweeted. "Instead we should work with Palestinians who want peace through prosperity and invest in private joint business and public service to improve quality of life"

Pearl's tweet linked a Front Page Magazine article by Daniel Greenfield that highlighted the Biden administration's disapproval of Israel's move.

"Secretary of State Blinken and Jake Sullivan, Biden's national security adviser, are headed to Israel to scold the Jewish State for not giving money to the terrorists," Greenfield wrote. "The administration has used every possible forum to show contempt and undermine Israel: including a recent UN session denying Jews the right to visit the Temple Mount which is the holiest site in Judaism."

In a later tweet, Pearl said the Dome of the Rock, located on the Temple Mount, is a "Holy Site" that should bring Christians, Jews and Muslims together.

"The Abrahamic Covenant and The Dome of the Rock should bring Christians, Jews and Muslims together!" he tweeted. "It's a Holy Site for all these faiths, therefore all should have the right to pray peacefully! Would this not be pleasing to God?"

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