After the world lost Jimmy Buffett on September 1, one of the first questions Parrotheads and other Buffett followers started asking was, "Will his band (the Coral Reefers) tour again?"

We have had partial answers. They played a major slot and a memorial at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In April, the CRB and a stellar cast of celebrity guests, including Paul McCartney and The Eagles, paid tribute to Buffett at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl. The concert was named "Keep the Party Going," a Buffett theme.

Other questions have included, "Which of the old Coral Reefers will continue to play with the group? Will Mac McAnnally play and sing? And keyboardist Mike Utley? And which others?

Now, we have more answers.

The Coral Reefer Band has announced a tour that starts Thursday, August 1, at 8 p.m. at The Wharf in Orange Beach.

Crb2024 Alabama News

The resurrected band will feature the usual suspects – the entire CRB plus steel drummer Robert Greenridge, Scotty Emerick and Mobile's Will Kimbrough.   

The 2024 tour is titled: "Coral Reefer Band – Jimmy Buffett Tribute."

The 2024 Tour is a three-city tour. In addition to opening night in Orange Beach, the second performance is on Friday, August 2, in Atlanta at Credence Bank Amphitheatre in Chastain Park.

The third and final night is Sunday, August 4, at 7:30 p.m. in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Riverbend Music Center.

Tickets to any of the three CRB performances are available here.

Kicking off the CRB tour in Alabama is altogether fitting. Buffett grew up in Mobile, graduating from McGill Catholic School. His father worked in Mobile, and his parents moved to Baldwin County, Alabama's Eastern Shore, for retirement. Buffett often visited.

Buffett's sister Lucy has a popular Margarita-style restaurant in Gulf Shores near the Orange Beach Wharf: Lulu's. You can get a cheeseburger in Paradise at Lulu's. On the day of and the day after the August 1 CRB concert, Lulu's is expected to pack out, so better get reservations early.

"Keep the party going."

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