President Joe Biden announced early this month his plan to cancel another round of student loans totaling roughly $7.4 billion. While a good deal for the nearly 277,000 borrowers set to have their college loans wiped clean, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said it merely shifts the debt burden to the rest of America and deepens the country’s “moral, mental and physical” bankruptcy.

On Saturday, Tuberville criticized Biden’s debt forgiveness plan on “John Solomon Reports,” saying it was an obvious ploy to buy votes for the upcoming presidential election as he trails former President Donald Trump in the polls among the younger demographic.

“He’s out there buying votes right and left, and he’s doing it for a purpose. I don’t think that he thinks he can win by just going out and going by the issues because every issue they’ve touched has gone south,” Tuberville said.

The relevant portion begins around the 10:00 mark.

After Biden first announced his plan to begin canceling some student loan debt in February, Tuberville pointed out that the vast majority of Americans — 87%, he said — don’t have student loans. However, now, they’re being forced to make up the difference.

“That’s not something that’s just going to go away,” he said. “...In this country, we’re morally, we're mentally and we’re physically bankrupt, and this just puts us on a line of more bankruptcy.”

He continued, “It puts us in a tough situation. We want to help everybody. Everybody needs to help each other, but they’ve made it so volatile in this country by this DEI and all the things they’ve put on this country. They’ve divided us, and they’ve dumbed us down. That’s going to be a huge cost to the Americans in the years and years to come.”

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