Republican candidate Caroleene Dobson announced her first media advertisement on Friday in her bid for Alabama's new second congressional district.

The ad, titled "Freedom," discusses Dobson's support for school choice programs to empower parents to make decisions about their children's education. It outlines her opposition to unchecked illegal immigration since Joe Biden took office.

In a statement, Dobson said, "As a political newcomer who has never been in the Montgomery or D.C. swamps, it is important for Republican voters to learn about me and where I stand on the issues that matter to us most."

"Joe Biden and his cronies support everything bad that they should oppose, and they oppose everything good that they should support - the way they are running our county is textbook insanity," Dobson said. "It is time to give Washington, D.C., a good dose of Alabama common sense and go to battle against the far-left extremists who want to control what we do, what we think, what we own, and even what words we are allowed to say."

The ad also emphasizes Dobson's rural upbringing and that she is one of the few candidates who lives in the district.

The campaign announced that this ad would be backed by a major investment and would air on TV and radio.

Dobson stated, "Our aggressive and well-funded television campaign will tell voters about my homegrown roots deep in the Second Congressional District and outline the deeply held Christian faith and solid conservative values that guide my every move."

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